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DRM has partnered with the most reliable online UPS branding to bring reliability into the solution that we provide. Request a consultation by filling up the form above or give us a call:
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Compact, Efficient, Reliable Uninterruptible Power Supply Solutions
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Line Interactive UPS /Small Desktop UPS
Single Phase Online UPS 1-10 KVA
Three Phase Online UPS 20KVA -4500KVA
DRM Technologies is into a strategic partnership with major UPS brands through which we provide customised UPS solutions to our clients.

DRM is truly passionate about lighting up your world. An eminent innovative, and technology-driven company, DRM specialises in UPS battery backup systems that can be used for a wide variety of applications, be it computer rooms or even large data hubs while offering top-notch industrial plant protection. Each solution is designed to provide uninterruptible power supply/ voltage conditioning technology for every situation- from minimum KW to applications of multiple MW and a considerable range of supply voltages.

Our online UPS solutions consist of single phase and three phase powered by Lead Acid SMF Batteries. Our products swear by the highest global standards in terms of health, safety and environmental standards.

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A Leading Online UPS Solution Provider for Machineries and Critical IT & Electronic Devices

When it comes to perfect voltage solution for systems and plants, DRM has been a strong partner of industry and commerce for decades .

Small Desktop UPS

DRM Technology’s line-interactive UPS offers power conditioning with a 4-6 millisecond break. The UPS monitors the voltage level and balances under and overvoltages. This technology provides a good choice between reasonable protection and moderate operating costs.

Single Phase Online UPS 1-10 KVA

Single Phase Online UPS 1-10 KVA is a double-conversion online UPS with an output power factor of providing higher power density, delivering more power when compared with conventional UPS.

Three Phase Online UPS 20KVA -4500 KVA

The UPS delivers superior power protection for ever-expanding loads in today’s space-constrained data centres. Facilitating a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) through a combination of energy-efficiency, high reliability and a compact footprint the UPS is an ideal solution for data centres and other applications desiring highly reliable power protection.

We drive the transition to more sustainable, reliable commercial power back-up systems. Find Your Solution

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Ever since our inception in 2018, we have strived to transform into one of the leading UPS solution providers with our timely, and customer-centric approach. We are equipped to reach and service the needs of our customers, anytime, anywhere. This is why we proudly have industry leaders as our esteemed clients.

We cater to:

1. Hospitals & Path Labs (Medical Equipment like Ultrasound Machines, CT Scan Machines, etc.)
3. Manufacturing Units
4. Industries
5. IT Companies/ Datacenters
6. Other Setups that Need Clean & Regulated Power for Business Sustainability

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    Great solutions and long lasting service. I have dealt with DRM's sales and customer service - finding them to be equally as good. Always ready to help over the phone, and when I needed them on-site.

    DRM's strength lies in their need analysis. They were quick at perfectly analysing my business power backup needs to provide me with a cost-controlled solution.

    We've been associated with them right since the start - and there perfect management on our power backup front has really helped us grow over the years.

    We have been using DRM's Online UPS solutions for a number of years and their teams have always been excellent at their service. Our preventative maintenance schedule is non-intrusive and has worked to bring a great deal of reliability to our business.

    Great service from start to finish. Consultation, need analysis, deployments, after sales service - they are truly professional and a breeze to work with.

    I was planning to buy a UPS and one of friend connected me with DRM Technology Solutions . And it turns out to be a good choice . They understand my requirement and provide me the solution with right capacity. DRM is now providing me the service for the same from last two years . They are very proactive and service our UPS on time to time basis.

    M/S DRM technology Solutions and installed the 200KVA UPS and batteries at our factory . The entire system is installed and handed over to us with all the safety guidelines & within given timeline. We appreciate DRM working efforts for time bound quality supply and installation job.

    Discover independence through our exclusive power backup solutions made exclusively to bring reliability.  Request a Callback