Welcome to DRM Technology Solutions

Your Trusted Partner for Online UPS Solutions!

At DRM Technologies, we are more than just a company – we are a beacon of innovation and a driving force in the world of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) solutions. In strategic partnership with major UPS brands, including Fuji Electric, EATON, Mikrotek, EXIDE, Vertiv, and APC, we bring you cutting-edge technology tailored to meet your power needs.

Our Passion for Illuminating Your World

DRM Technologies is fueled by a genuine passion for lighting up your world. As an eminent and technology-driven company, we specialize in UPS battery backup systems that redefine power reliability. Whether you’re safeguarding computer rooms, managing large data hubs, or ensuring industrial plant protection, our solutions are crafted to deliver uninterrupted power supply and top-notch voltage conditioning technology.

Innovative Solutions for Every Power Demand

From minimum kilowatts to applications requiring multiple megawatts, our UPS solutions cover a considerable range of supply voltages. At DRM, we understand that each situation demands a unique approach. That’s why our online UPS solutions encompass both single-phase and three-phase systems powered by Lead Acid SMF Batteries.

Global Standards and Environmental Responsibility

We take pride in setting the bar high when it comes to health, safety, and environmental standards. Our products adhere to the highest global benchmarks, ensuring that you not only receive reliable power solutions but also contribute to a sustainable and eco-friendly future.

Your Operational Continuity Partner

As a leading provider of UPS solutions, we specialize in delivering reliable power to critical IT infrastructure, electronic devices, and industrial machinery. Our clientele spans across hospitals, manufacturing units, IT companies, and various other industries. With a focus on innovative technology-driven power solutions, DRM ensures operational continuity for computer rooms, data hubs, and industrial plants.

Strength in Partnerships

Our strength lies in the strong partnerships we have forged with top online UPS brands. By aligning ourselves with industry leaders such as Fuji Electric, EATON, Mikrotek, EXIDE, Vertiv, and APC, we bring you the assurance of quality, reliability, and advanced technology.


At DRM Technology Solutions, we don’t just provide UPS solutions; we empower your operations with the strength of uninterrupted power. Partner with us for a future where your power needs are met with efficiency, innovation, and a commitment to excellence. Illuminate your world with DRM!