GLORAS is a service and distribution network Company, aimed at providing the bridge between manufacturer and customers leveraging its service network and skilled manpower. Our differentiated offering is providing EXTRA VALUE to the customers while EXPANDING BUSINESS.

GLORAS offerings are divided into three large Components:

Gloras Solar

Gloras Solar solution brings to people the most hi-tech innovative solutions to harness the Solar Power while providing niche solutions according to business demands and specifications. Gloras Solar Services provides world class quality coupled with cost-effectiveness to make Safe and Clean Energy a reality for mass use. The range of products include:

Solar Inverters

Solar Panels

Solar Street Lights

Solar Batteries

Solar Charge Controllers

Gloras Power Backup

Gloras Power Backup solutions provides the best resolution for offices, homes and industrial units enabling continuous processes without and glitches in power supply for either low voltage or supply failure. Dealing with most efficient technologies available, Gloras Power Backup provides solutions in:

Home Ups/Inverters

LED Lightings

Water Pump Controllers

LED Bulbs/Tube Lights

Gloras Post Sale and Maintenance Services

Gloras Post Sale and Maintenance Services pertaining to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and original design manufacturer (OED) targets Sustainable use of products and proper upkeep for Carbon Neutrality and Efficient Output.

Energy Audit




Awareness About Solar

Site Inspections

24×7 Help/Support